Secret Technique How to Rephrase the Sentence

Why would you need help to rephrase the sentence?

rephrase the sentenceParaphrasing sentences is the process through which you repeat what someone else has written or said in your own words. You are seeking to repeat the meaning of what has been said without using the same words and this is done to:

Show that you have a full understanding of what has been said or written

  • To uncomplicated a piece of text or speech
  • To rewrite a sentence that was poorly stated
  • To repeat it for a different audience
  • To avoid copying penalties or problems with plagiarism

Many writers however have real problems with being able to paraphrase quickly and effectively and make many mistakes when they do.

Mistakes to avoid when you rephrase the sentence

rephrase this sentenceWhen you are asked to “rephrase a sentence online” you may be worried that you are going to make a mistake. The following are some simple issues that you should check for to ensure that your paraphrasing is done well:

  1. Have you repeated any blocks of text from the original: if you have then they need to be rewritten or enclosed within quotation marks to make it clear that they are a direct quotation from the original.
  2. Have you repeated all of the ideas raised within the original: check through every point that is mentioned within the original to ensure that you have repeated them in your version.
  3. Have you added anything to your paraphrased version: a common problem is to add your own comments or interpretation to the rewritten text. These need to be removed.
  4. Is the rewritten text suitable for your intended audience: ensure that the rewritten text is suitable and written in a manner that will be understood by your audience.
  5. Have you cited the work correctly: even if you have rewritten the text fully you should still provide a reference back to the original author for having come up with the original ideas.

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