Stages of Brain Training While Rephrasing Text

Paraphrasing allows you to organize your ideas, putting them in a new order wherein you’re also clarifying ideas and simplifying the language. So if you want to rephrase text effectively without the help of online sentence rephraser, check out the following for the essential steps to complete the process while brain training yourself for improved learning.

rephrase text

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Rephrase Text: How to Train Your Brain While Rephrasing

  • Read the material and understand it well: You cannot go about paraphrasing without understanding the context of the passage or paragraph. By reading and understanding it, you will be able to write faster than you would with simply changing words into their synonyms.
  • Set the original passage aside: This should be done when rewriting. Keeping it away helps you accomplish paraphrasing faster because you keep yourself from looking to the source line per line.
  • Write the topic: Stick with it and don’t be tempted injecting your personal opinion, as this is not a review, but a rewriting task. Only write what is in the material and stick to it.
  • List down the main ideas: By doing so, you will be able to take note of the most relevant ideas, words and phrases, which will help you to write an effective and complete paraphrased paper.
  • Modify the structure: Changing it will help you organize your thoughts better and give a new look to the original in your rephrased version.
  • Change words: Saying this, though, it does not mean you should change word for word or using a synonym equivalent. Remember, the words used must still mean the same context as that of the source.
  • Use quotation marks: This will signify or emphasize some statements that you don’t want to reword. However, use them sparingly or your paper will be flooded with quotation marks all over.
  • Proofread and edit your paper: Aside from checking for correctness of information, as presented in the original, you should also see to it that your version makes sense and means the same in ideas as those in the original.

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