How To Improve at Online Medical Paraphrasing In 60 Minutes

The Reasons of Necessity of Online Medical Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is the act of stating something in your own words. You will always seek to maintain the same meaning but use words that are your own. Online medical paraphrasing or business paraphrasing is often sought for help in this area due to the difficulties associated with rewriting work in this field.

Medical text paraphrasing is far more difficult to do than many other areas due to the complexity of the area in which you need to rewrite. You cannot simply use synonyms to rewrite the text to make it unique as you must also maintain the original meaning and produce a text that will read well. Paraphrasing is all about understanding and asking someone that has no knowledge in the field to help will never result in anything that is accurate.

When Do We Use Paraphrasing in Health Care?

There are numerous reasons for using paraphrasing in nursing and other branches of medicine. Often we are seeking to make the text that we are rewriting more understandable to an audience that may not have the medical knowledge that you may have. Rewriting for a different audience is the most common reason for medical text rephrasing.

Our online rephraser can also rewrite to avoid plagiarism. This is copying what others have written. This could be rewriting a whole paper that you have previously written to be able to reuse that information. It can also be rewriting the text that you have copied into your outline to create the essay that is required of you. When we do this, it is vital that we ensure that our new text is completely different to what was written within the source.

The Difficulties of Paraphrasing in Medicine

To rephrase medicine terminology is very different from general rewriting. Medicine is a highly technical subject area and your writing must be very price and accurate. It will also often contain very specific terminology that is unique to the field.

Paraphrasing is not simply using synonyms to replace the words within your text. It is very much about fully understanding the source material. Only then can you repeat that meaning in your own words. If you look at good examples of paraphrasing in nursing you will find that they often structured very differently to the original but will still mean just the same.

7 Techniques to Enhance Your Medical Paraphrasing

While you are seeking to repeat the full meaning of the original text in your paraphrase you may at a time find it hard to avoid reusing some of the original wording. We are often unintentional repeat whole sections of the original, especially if we are very familiar with it. We also struggle as often medical terminology rephrasing needs to rewrite phrases that are already concise and precisely written.

The following techniques, however, can help you with ensuring that your rewritten text will be unique if compared back to the source:

  • Move words and phrases from one part of the sentence to another: simply moving something at the start of the sentence to the end can make the sentence unique while still maintain the meaning.
  • Use synonyms: many words can be replaced by others that have the same or a similar meaning such as cut and slice. However, ensure that the chosen word still conveys the same precise meaning.
  • Change the order of the words: it is often possible to do especially if you change sentences from the passive to the active voice or vice versa.
  • Use different connecting words: there are many different connecting words that you can use within your sentences offering you a huge amount of choice when rewriting.
  • Change the structure of your definitions: often you will be required to define things within your writing, by changing these definitions you will effectively rewrite those sentences.
  • Change attributions: often you will need to cite information within your writing. So changing how you attribute that information offers a huge amount of scope within your writing.
  • Change your numbers and percentages: rewriting numbers into word form and using “per cent” instead of the symbol will help you to create unique text.

The Dos and Don’Ts of Nursing Paraphrasing

Many will wonder is paraphrasing legal, while it is a common practice you must ensure that you do it well to ensure that your writing is not seen as being plagiarized. Using copied writing without attributing your sources is not going to go down well and could get you in serious trouble.

Understanding the dos and don’ts of paraphrasing as a medical article rewriter is therefore very important:


The Advantages of Our Rephrasing Services

If you need paraphrasing in nursing and medicine using our professional services will often be the best way forward. We can provide you with the highly accurate and unique text through our team at a price that you will find hard to match anywhere else. With us you get:

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