10 Tips for Paraphrasing Sentences

Paraphrasing sentences is one of the most useful ways on how to come up with an original content that you are not actually the author. Whether you are a student, a professional or a teacher, you can choose from a wide range of tools online to use when turning contents into your own by rewording or rephrasing. Check out below some tips from the best rephrasing sentences tool online.

Effective Tips to Paraphrasing Sentences

  1. How do you paraphrase this sentence? For example, you can turn the active voice into passive one, such as “She wrote the novel.” Instead, you can say, “The novel is written by her.” In this case, you are turning the active tone into a passive one. That’s one of the ways on how to reword a sentence.
  2. Read the original source and understand it.
  3. Turn the idea into a general one based from what you understood from it.
  4. According to “paraphrase my sentence” services, you should vary the length of the source when you paraphrase, meaning you can change the length of the original provided you keep the main idea of what was written.
  5. Do not write with just synonyms. One of the most common mistakes when rewording is just changing into same word meanings, but this is not effective. Instead, pick the right words that suit the meaning of what you want to say.
  6. Keep things simple. Do not complicate things by using jargons; instead, put the readers on your mind when writing.
  7. Write the general idea in your own words, and avoid looking at the source when writing.
  8. Avoid putting personal opinion in the paraphrased work. If you cannot avoid it, limit yourself when writing your opinion.
  9. Own the paragraphs, meaning you should write based from what you understood and avoid copying from the source.
  10. You can cite the source, either in the end or in the beginning of the paraphrased content.

There you have some important points when paraphrasing online. If you think you cannot do it yourself, you may use a rephrasing tool for your convenience.

Find the right rephrasing tool online and start rewording your paper!